The year to increase one’s knowledge of 3D tools

while leaving a lot of room for academic works (drawing, anatomy, modelling, etc.).

Working in a team is both exciting and complicated.

On the one hand, the emerging emulation within the group makes everyone progress and one learns from one another. On the other hand, one has to learn how to channel everyone's energy, how to make compromises and accept that not everyone works in the same way. Working in a team is the absolute condition for entering the animation professions.

Throughout this second year, workshops are set up to encourage collaboration within the class and the end of the year is devoted to the team work on a 3D animation project.

Sample courses

  • Painting / Colour Workshop

  • History of decors and Arts

  • History of costume and styles

  • History of sculpture

  • Anatomy

  • Characters creation

  • Modelling

  • Academic drawing

  • Sketchbooks

  • Video workshop (theory and practice)

  • Writing and directing workshop

  • History of animation

  • English

  • 2D infography

  • Introduction to Motion Design

  • 3D infography -modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering, compositing, etc.

  • Storyboard

  • Animation

  • Sound


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Ecole des Nouvelles Images provides higher educational training of excellence to the careers in the Animation and 3D Film industry.

A non profit associative school.


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