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To the founders, being an association truly is an ethical choice

A non-profit association

École des Nouvelles Images Association’s purpose is to conceive, design, create and manage activities in the field of Animation & Video Game.


As such, its prime activity is training through one or more artistic education institutions providing initial and professional training.


The school ensures that the training it delivers is constantly adapted to the demands of the professional world.


The school is committed to contributing to development and research around the specific language of Animation & Video Game.



Professional and militant: the innovative model of the École des Nouvelles Images

Professional: thanks to its team and pedagogical organization, our students benefit from a high quality of teaching. This is reflected in a strong international reputation, excellent professional integration and prestigious awards that crown the success of our graduates' work.

Militant: Through the creation of a non-profit, general-interest and independent school. Through the voluntary commitment of our founders, who support the school's management, teams and students in their structuring, creativity and development.

2024: a new stage for the school!

Winner of the national call for projects "France 2030 - La grande fabrique de l'image", our school is proud to have the strong support of the French government to accompany its development and accelerate the ecological transition of animation and video games. In the image of its students, the school pursues its path with passion and boldness, and places the important issues of our time at the heart of its debates.

Dear students, you can rest assured that the École des Nouvelles Images is putting all its energy into bringing you the best. Dear parents, it's an honor to train your children and prepare them for an exciting and lively professional career.

Alain Yvergniaux

President of the "École des Nouvelles Images"

Portrait Alain Yvergniaux.webp

Its Board of Directors brings together the founders, the students, teachers, parents and employees.

Our philosophy combines:

  • Social utility and economic development

  • A clear and ambitious vision of higher education in animation and video game

  • Professionalism and experience of the pedagogical team

  • A structure and a model totally focused on pedagogical excellence preparing the students for successful professional integration

  • A secure economic and financial model

  • A clearly stated willingness for multi-party governance strategy, bringing together a cohesive and motivated team of founders, mostly students’ parents or former students’ parents

Our vision have helped build up confidence and develop desire in the environment around us - the city of Avignon, Avignon University, our bank partners, patrons.

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