To the founders, being an association truly is an ethical choice.
The multi-party, cooperative and transparent governance is at the core of École des Nouvelles Images.
École des Nouvelles Images is a non-profit association of general interest (Association Loi 1901).

Its purpose is defined in its statutes and there avers the disinterested nature of its management.

"École des Nouvelles Images Association’s purpose is to conceive, design, create and manage activities in the field of Synthesis Image (3D image) professions. As such, its prime activity is training through one or more artistic education institutions providing initial and continuous training specialising in the Synthesis Image professions. The school ensures that the training it delivers is constantly adapted to the demands of the professional world of 3D animation and digital visual effects. The school is committed to contributing to development and research around the specific language of Synthesis Image - narration, aesthetic issues, staging, production, etc."

The association is a multi-party governance :
its Board of Directors brings together the founders, the students’ representatives, teachers, parents and employees.



Many want to know the recipe for École des Nouvelles Images. Here it is:


Take a group of founding members involved around a passionate pedagogical team. Add to it the desire to defend the values of work, trust and solidarity. This creates an alchemy giving a unique atmosphere encouraging creativity and fulfilment. The result is an excellent integration of our students into the professional world, an international reputation recognising the quality of the diploma films and proving the know-how of our young directors and the management team.


As simple as it seems, this recipe makes all the difference… And it shows!


Alongside remarkable people, I participated in this great school’s creation. I had been the parent to one of the students and today I am proud to be the association’s President, guarantor of the fundamentals making it successful.

Carole Gantelet

President, École des Nouvelles Images

Teamwork, open-mindedness, general culture, technical expertise, creativity, decision-making, autonomy, ethics, these are values our students build through their studies within the school.

Our philosophy combines:

  • Social utility and economic development,

  • A clear and ambitious vision of higher education in animation and synthesis images / computer-generated images / CGI,

  • Professionalism and experience of the pedagogical team,

  • A structure and a model totally focused on pedagogical excellence preparing the students for successful professional integration,

  • A secure economic and financial model,

  • A clearly stated willingness for multi-party governance strategy, bringing together a cohesive and motivated team of founders, mostly students’ parents or former students’ parents.

This strategic vision of the sector and of training major role added to a founders team commitment thoroughly convinced of the accuracy and relevance of this innovative educational project, have helped build up confidence and develop desire in the environment around us - the city of Avignon, University, our partner banks, patrons.