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3 ways to enter our school
Cycle 1 : 1st year and 3rd year
Cycle 2 : 4th year

Entering Cycle 1

Entry exam organisation
Cycle 1 : 1st and 3rd year

Entry exam summary for Cycle 1

The entry exam is held online. Registration is carried out on our digital platform.

Two entry levels

Entry to the 1st year :

  • High school graduates of the current year

  • People with a general, technological or vocational bachelor's degree

  • People with or without post-high school training - artistic skills upgrade classes, university and higher education, etc.

Entry to the 3rd year:

  • Candidates must have at least two years of post-high school studies or professional experience.​

  • Skills in 3D tools are expected - if not, and depending on your artistic portfolio, the jury may propose an entry in the 2nd year.

Complete explanatory document

Entering Cycle 2

Entry exam summary for Cycle 2

An individual visio interview is a prerequisite to enter the 4th year. Each candidate will receive an invitation to attend as soon as he/she registers, indicating the date on which he/she will be admitted.

Entry to the 4th year:

  • Candidates must have at least three years of study or equivalent professional experience. A good level on 3D tools is expected.

  • The candidate must choose between two specialities: "The art of 3D image" or "The art of 3D animation".

Complete explanatory document

Entry exam organisation
Cycle 2 : 4th year

Why an entry exam?

For us this exam should not only be just an evaluation at an "M" moment.

It should also be educational and arouse curiosity. This is why we ask Cycle 1 candidates to carry out exercises based on an imposed theme. Several days are planned for this purpose and the tests must be sent to us digitally.


An entry exam is an opportunity to get to know the candidates better. To discover their motivation, aptitudes, state of mind, etc. The entry exam allows us to evaluate the candidates’ preparation and their suitability for our learning rhythms.

Candidate profile

Contrary to popular belief, there are no "typical profiles" or "ideal career paths".


Our professions are diverse and opened to all skills, both technical and artistic. The richness of collaboration is built through complementarity.


Everyone enters the school with their strengths and will have to progress on their weaknesses. A desire for versatility, a constant curiosity, and rigour in the work are the only really important criteria to be detected in the candidates.


Nevertheless a minimum preparation is necessary.

Is the candidate interested in our jobs, not as a spectator but with a real desire to integrate this professional environment? Has he or she already drawn, handled photography, etc.? Has he or she developed a general culture?

What if I fail the entry exam?

Missing an entry exam is not dramatic.

It is simply a sign of a lack of preparation.


Joining a "grande école" means embarking on a career that will last several decades. There's no point in running. It is better to prepare yourself properly to enter the school that will be the best springboard for the rest of your career.


There is no limit to passing our entry exam. A student who fails can easily retake the exam the following year. We will be happy to evaluate his or her progress.


There are different ways to improve your preparation, such as joining a preparatory class, taking drawing lessons in an association, participating in our art workshops, etc.

Tuition cost

Entry exam: 80€ - Annual cost: 7850€

Ecole des Nouvelles Images is a non-profit association of general interest. You can therefore rest assured that the school fees are exclusively intended for teaching, investment and the running of the school. We use state-of-the-art equipment to support our teaching and the production of the various exercises.