A year dedicated to the making of a short film.


The last stretch before professional integration.

For 10 months, students will manufacture what will be the best passport to enter the professional world: the diploma film.

This exciting cinematographic journey, at the same time human and ambitious, full of varied experiences, plunges the spectator into worlds rich in emotions.

The technical execution must be irreproachable and the aesthetic homogeneity must be global.

It is the quest for the perfect match between the narrative challenge and the graphic universe.

The school is transformed into an animation studio

The technical means implemented for these realisations are colossal.

Hundreds of computers are made available for images calculation.

The manufacturing processes are identical to those used in the profession.

Throughout the year the teams are accompanied step by step and until completion of their film, by the members of the pedagogical team, teachers and speakers.

This last year concludes with the public screening of the films. A large jury gathering professionals meets to gauge the extent of the work carried out.

During this "Diploma Jury" grand-messe, we also organise professional meetings with studio recruiters. Students then have the chance to prepare their entry into working life in a privileged and friendly manner.

It also is a celebration moment for parents and families who discover the students’ creations in an optimal setting.

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Ecole des Nouvelles Images provides higher educational training of excellence to the careers in the Animation and 3D Film industry.

A non profit associative school.


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