first year

Introduction to the artistic stakes of 3D

This is the beginning of an exciting curriculum when the alchemy between the arts and new technologies appears.

The academic arts provide structure, sharpen the eye and form a solid basis for progress and creativity.

Creative writing workshops give a new perspective on poetry and its evocative power.

2D animation gives the keys to movement and rhythm.

The 3D initiation develops a vision of the image in volume and provides the essential tools for future productions.

English courses are essential for exploring animation beyond our borders.

Arts and Styles History build analytical thinking and nourish general culture.

The acquisition of the fundamentals is essential to any development: the discovery of the animation world, its vocabulary and working methods.

Courses sample

  • History of the arts, photography, animation, etc.

  • Film analysis

  • English

  • Video workshop

  • Creative writing workshop

  • 2D and 3D infography

  • Sketchbooks

  • "Stop Motion” Writing &making

  • Anatomy

  • Academic drawing

  • Painting / Colour Workshop

  • Modelling

  • Image conception

  • Animation

  • Storyboard

  • Sound


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Ecole des Nouvelles Images provides higher educational training of excellence to the careers in the Animation and 3D Film industry.

A non profit associative school.


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