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L'école des nouvelles images joins the RECA

French Animation Film Schools Network

Supported by the CNC, the SPFA, the FICAM and the Pôle Image Magélis, the RECA aims to :

  • Communicate reliable information on the animation training offer to families, future students and guidance organisations. This clarification had become essential in a landscape characterised by an overabundant offer and by the confusion of the criteria of appreciation of the proposed training courses.

  • The members of the RECA undertake to provide clear and verified information on the content and methods of their courses. They are signatories to a Charter affirming their common will to place at the heart of their action the development of the technical and artistic capacities of students, within the framework of a pedagogical practice that is sincere in its objectives and transparent in its means. To support a constructive dialogue with the whole of the professional world, with a view to developing the most advantageous conditions for the students' professional future.

  • To be a permanent interlocutor of the institutions and organisations concerned by the logic of training and employment in the animation sector.


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