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"rencontres animation formations" in Angoulême

The School was present at the RADI/RAF in Angoulême. Organised by the "Pôle Image Magelis" with the support of the CNC, AnimFrance, the CPNEF Audiovisuel, the AFDAS, AUDIENS and the FICAM, these meetings enable the richness of the educational offer and the diversity of professional practices to be compared, and to take stock of the employment situation, as well as technical and organisational developments.

On this occasion, Julien Deparis, head of the school, had the opportunity to present to the professional community the issues related to innovation within the school:

- The innovative tools developed by former students to structure and facilitate the production of diploma films (WIZARD project);

- The cost of software licenses, which are constantly increasing and which can be a brake on innovation;

- Technical tools that evolve rapidly, requiring a permanent and structured technological watch;

- The availability of professionals / contributors which is becoming more complex due to the full employment in our sector and the rapid development of animation studios;

- The rapprochement of our school with the University of Avignon, within the framework of the "Villa Creative" project, a major asset for the development of an R&D centre and the structuring of lifelong learning.

Crédit photo : Grégory Brandel / Pôle Image Magelis

Timing being important during the RAF, Julien had to play elbows to have time to show off our students' skills. Congratulations to the cartoonists, Morgane and Naïs, for sketching this moment so well with humour 🤣 Well done to Julien for not wavering 💪

Below is the video of the round table: What place for innovation in schools?

The RAF also allowed us to address important, varied and structuring subjects for our industry, such as the future of independent schools in the face of large groups like Galileo Global Education (LISAA, Atelier de Sèvres, Bellecour École, etc.), the ecological transition, the statistics of the animation and VFX sector, the evolution of societal values, etc.

Concerning the future of independent schools, two drawings express quite well the challenges that lie ahead.

Industrialization of art schools ?

"Business school" versus "Art school" ?

One member of the public gave the example of a job offer posted by her animation company. After collecting more than a hundred responses from interested young graduates, it was clear that more than 50% did not have the required level. This raises the question of the possible excesses of the rapid development of large school groups that regularly increase their numbers.

With the will of a school on a human scale, in the form of a non-profit association, the desire to collaborate with the university world, a professional integration rate of around 96% of our graduates within a few months of the diploma jury (100% integration in the targeted field, that of 3D animation), our school is taking a radically different path. This issue of school independence is a major one for the years to come. Thank you to the RAF for putting it on the table.

Following the COVID19 pandemic, the various confinements, the changes in society's mores, the schools mentioned the psychological fragility of the students and the need to address pedagogically certain subjects related to male-female relationships. In these times, when human relationships are so complex, it is important to listen to students and to do everything possible to support and accompany those who are experiencing difficult situations.

🙏 Congratulations to all the Magélis teams for the organisation of the RADI/RAF and the quality of the welcome. See you next year!


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