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The 2024 entrance exam is open


Your artistic studies
start here !

Access with confidence
to the best art schools

1 year of intense artistic preparation
From 17 years old


Registration for a preparatory class

Academic year 2024 / 2025

Why ?

Joining a quality artistic program requires good preparation.

It is sometimes wise to take an extra year after high school to build up a general culture, acquire solid technical and artistic foundation, to take the time to mature your personal projects, to structure your work and discover new challenges.


Thanks to our experience in teaching, we have decided to put all our skills at the service of an artistic preparatory class, in Avignon, a city of History and performance.


To prepare for what ?

A demanding and multidisciplinary training that prepares students to enter the major art schools. The teaching provided at the school must be accompanied by significant personal work outside of class.

Drawing, color studies, sculpture, photography, video, cinema, animation, computer graphics, but also architecture, theater, poetry, etc., our objectives are to awaken your creative potential, enrich your cultural knowledge and help you succeed in the schools’ entry exams you have chosen.

Preparation for school's entry exams : graphic design and illustration, photography, cinema, animation (2D and 3D), video games, design, architecture, Fine Arts.


A structuring approach

Enhance your curiosity - Sharpen your eye - Build a general culture - Learn the technical and artistic fundamentals - Manage your working time - Prepare your artistic portfolio - Prepare for interviews.

Specific workshops to prepare the varied art schools entry exam will complement the courses :

  • Interviews training

  • Writing workshops (help in writing pitching texts and cover letters)

Preparing well is essential to put all the chances on your side. Working methodically, being curious and generous in your work, these are the fundamental principles that we would like to share with you.


A prep class
on a human

As per our initial training of excellence, we develop this preparatory year respecting the issues that always motivated us :

  • A capped number of students to encourage a quality exchange with each student.

  • A non-profit association structure, to work in a framework of trust, with the assurance that all our energy is put at the service of pedagogy.

  • A schooling cost control making possible to propose reasonable rates.

  • Teaching is provided by a professional teaching team experienced in transferring knowledge, in pedagogical structuring and always in touch with the realities of the professional artistic world.

Learning in a setting favouring personal development, offering benevolence and professionalism.


  • Wacom graphics tablet

  • Modeling tools

  • Drawing kit

  • Sketchbooks

  • Carry case

Ideal for a good start
to your artistic career!


The school provides students with all the necessary teaching material for their learning, such as computers, software licenses, drawing paper, cameras, modeling clay, video cameras, sound recording equipment, etc.

The school also prints the artistic portfolio to be presented at the various entry exams.

Dessin d'anatomie

Courses sample

  • History of art

  • Film analysis

  • English

  • Photo workshop

  • Writing workshop

  • Graphic design

  • Illustration

  • Animation workshop

  • Anatomy

  • Academic drawing

  • Perspective

  • Sketchbooks

  • Painting / Color workshop

  • Modeling

  • Image conception

  • Introduction to sound

Throughout the school year, candidates can register for the preparatory year via our website. Enrolment remains open within the limits of available places.

When registering, the candidate must provide its academic file and artistic portfolio. An appointment is then organised for an interview that will validate or not the access to the preparatory class.

Accessible from 17 years old.

Curiosity, passion, open-mindedness and creativity are the key words.


Academic year : from Septembre to April

Registration fees : €80

Tuition Cost : €6,200

Registration terms and conditions

Academic year 2024 / 2025

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