Appreciating 3D in all its facets with the making of a SHORT film.

Intense and structuring, the 3rd year reveals personalities and places each one face to face with the realities of the professional world.

Validating "digital director" 1st cycle implies a fair balance between the learning of 3D techniques and the study of the language inherent to this new art. Students refine their technique and, through practice, tackle the tricks of narration and filmmaking.

Students must complete an internship in a company during summer. It is essential to begin weaving their professional network. It also is an opportunity to grasp the workings of the business world and its challenges. Students will have to justify at least 8 weeks of internship, between the 3rd and 5th year, to be eligible to sit before the diploma jury.

From writing to the cinema theatres, each student validates his or her skills by going through all the stages of producing a short 3D film.


Sample courses

  • Modelling

  • 3D Sculpture

  • Rig - creation of skeletons for animation

  • Animation

  • Texture

  • Lighting

  • Rendering

  • Compositing

  • The role of light in the Arts

  • Storyboard

  • Computer language - script

  • Manufacturing pipeline - video, 3D

  • Matte painting and camera mapping

  • Sound

  • Production and distribution challenges

  • Initial awareness course on after school life

  • 3D short film individually made

  • End of year jury made of animation professionals


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Ecole des Nouvelles Images provides higher educational training of excellence to the careers in the Animation and 3D Film industry.

A non profit associative school.


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