Why should you pay us your


So that a part of you exists in each of our films!

Acting in the form of an association, École des Nouvelles Images trains future professionals in the French animation sector. Thanks to you we can set up tuition aid for students who need it and invest in high-end computer and audiovisual equipment.

How to pay us your apprenticeship tax (TA)?

Our school is eligible to receive the TA corresponding to 13% “technological training”also called “discharge expenses”. Now you can donate all of this 13% to a single school.


You also no longer have to go through a collecting body. You can allocate the expenses to the chosen training organisation by directly sending a bank transfer or check.


To facilitate the monitoring of payments, we invite you to write your bank transfer as: NOMENTREPRISE_TA2020


Please let us know of your support by emailing us the following document:


Promesse de versement de la TA


E-mail address:

TAXE D’APPRENTISSAGE*: Tax paid by French companies and dedicated to financing individual training programmes in various professional sectors. This tax therefore benefits vocational training centres, professional training schools and such.


  • Name: Ecole des Nouvelles Images

  • Address: 11, avenue des Source, 84000 Avignon, FRANCE

  • UAI number (Rectorate): 0841175W

  • SIRET: 82894947900012

  • IBAN: FR90 2004 1010 0826 1544 7S02 921


+33 484 512 222

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Ecole des Nouvelles Images provides higher educational training of excellence to the careers in the Animation and 3D Film industry.

A non profit associative school.


Ecole des Nouvelles Images

11 avenue des Sources
84 000 AVIGNON - France

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Phone : +33 484 512 222