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The 2024 entrance exam is open

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So that a part of you exists
in each of our films !

Acting in the form of an association, École des Nouvelles Images trains future professionals in the French animation sector.
Thanks to you we can set up tuition aid for students who need it and invest in high-end computer and audiovisual equipment.

How to pay us your
apprenticeship tax (TA)?

Instructions for use: New Soltea platform


In 2023, the State will set up a platform for allocating the 13% that constitutes the balance of the apprenticeship tax. This technical reform does not change the basic rule: you continue to allocate this 13% to the educational institutions of your choice.


What doesn't change:

  • The balance of the apprenticeship tax still amounts to 0.09% of the gross payroll of the previous year (year 2022 in this case).

  • It remains the only tax that you are free to allocate to the beneficiaries of your choice, among the authorized educational institutions.

  • It requires a voluntary approach on your part so that the balance of the apprenticeship tax is directed to specific institutions.


What's new:

  • You will no longer pay your balance of apprenticeship tax directly to the beneficiary establishments: URSSAF and MSA will collect it, in one go, in May 2023.

  • The amounts collected are transferred to the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC), which manages them.   

  • You log on to the CDC's Soltea platform to designate your beneficiary institutions and specify the amount allocated to each.

  • The CDC pays the educational institutions the amounts you have indicated, after deduction of management fees.

When to designate the beneficiary institutions?

The Soltea platform will be accessible to companies from May 25 to September 7, 2023. They will be able to designate their beneficiaries throughout this period.

The company creates its account using its Siret number:
A search engine integrated into the site facilitates the search for establishments and avoids possible assignment errors

For the École des Nouvelles Images :

UAI number (Rectorat): 0841175W

When will the beneficiary institutions receive the funds?

The CDC will pay the amounts collected to the educational institutions in three installments: July 15, September 15 and October 15, 2023.


If you are planning to remit your Apprenticeship Tax to us, please fill out the form below to help us follow the process.

TA payment promise

Thank you for your support !

Taxe apprentissage
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