Today, France is recognised as the number one country for training in animation and computer graphics

Schools have a duty to support the development and structuring of the professional sector. France is thus the leading European producer of animated films.

In 2016, French animation studios announced full employment. Worldwide, there are thousands of vacancies to be filled each year.

A solid growth has been established for several years with the advent of digital technology and which continues to develop.

New exploration fields for 3D

The arrival of new technologies such as augmented or virtual reality opens to new exploration fields for CGI.

These images are part of our daily lives and we cohabit with them. Where for several years it was customary to compartmentalise training into specialities - animation, video games, special effects, design - today it is clear that these fields are converging and enriching each other.

The technical processes at the origin of these images are so similar that it is becoming obvious to offer a global vision to students, to encourage versatility, while getting them to develop specialised skills.

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By approaching the 3D images as a new language, at once graphic, narrative, experimental and technological, École des Nouvelles Images is developing a global approach to this new art form and is enabling its students to access the many opportunities offered.