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The 2024 entrance exam is open

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Training supported by
the Ministry of Culture and the CNC

Laureate of the national investment plan

"France 2030 - La grande fabrique de l'image"

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Your career in the 3D animation industry
starts here !

5 years of intense artistic and technical training to work in the greatest animation studios.

Discover the graduation films made by our students

Entries for the 2024 entrance exam are now open

France is the 3rd most influential actor in the world

Schools have a duty to support the development and structuring of the professional sector. France is thus the leading European producer of animated films.

In 2016, French animation studios announced full employment. Worldwide, there are thousands of vacancies to be filled each year.

A solid growth has been established for several years with the advent of digital technology and which continues to develop.

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Students and teaching staff take the floor.

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It is the acquisition of the fundamentals essential to any development

Introduction to the artistic and technic stakes of 3D

When the alchemy between the arts and new technologies appears.

The academic arts provide structure, sharpen the eye and form a solid basis for progress and creativity.

Creative writing workshops give a new perspective on poetry and its evocative power.

2D animation gives the keys to movement and rhythm.

The 3D initiation develops a vision of the image in volume and provides the essential tools for future productions.

English courses are essential for exploring animation beyond our borders.

Arts and Styles History build analytical thinking and nourish general culture.

Discover the films made in 1st year