How does it work?

Opened to the general public and accessible to anyone over 15 years old.


Each week is independent.


The courses take place at École des Nouvelles Images in Avignon which is 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre and the train station.


We provide all the necessary course material. Trainees are responsible for their own accommodation and meals.

École des Nouvelles Images offers artistic training courses open to all.

Each course begins with a technical learning phase before giving free rein to your creativity.


In small groups supervised by school's tutors who are recognised professionals, you will perfect your arts practice.


At the end of your training week, you will leave with your creations and the necessary digital material to bulk your portfolio - photography, scans, etc.



Discover the secrets of animation through the "Cut-Out" technique. Learn how to make and/or assemble pieces of paper to create characters, objects and scenery. Give life to your imagination by moving these papers little by little, on a square surface, photographing each step of the animation.

Watch the documentary The Art of Lotte Reiniger to find out about the origins of this technique. Another pioneer of the genre is Youri Norstein and his short film Hedgehog in the Fog.

This training course is under the direction of Jean-Jacques Lasarte and Jean-François Evrard.

Jean-Jacques Lasarte : A graduate of ENSAD (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs), he joined the cartoon industry in the early 1980s. Alongside these professional activities, he teaches animation and filmmaking (stop motion) at the École des Nouvelles Images.

Jean-François Evrard : Professional photographer and video maker, Head of Pedagogy at École des Nouvelles Images.



During the course of their studies our students make films out of paper cut-outs.
Here are a few examples:
Jade Carme.jpg
Jade Carme
High school student - Participant in course "The Portrait".

I spent an exciting week, both on a human and artistic level. I discovered a great and welcoming school, happy students and teachers who are caring and very involved.


I was able to deepen my photographic technique and make my first portrait drawing from a live model.


I found magical how much progress it was possible to make in such a short time when well supervised. I was also able to complete my portfolio with the work I produced during the course.


I left, more than ever motivated to take the entry exam, convinced that I had found one of the best schools that would allow me to blossom and train in the creation of 3D animated films.