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They tell about their studies
and those unforgettable years

Anouk Segura-diaz

Lighting Artist chez Jellyfish Pictures - London

I made the best choice embarking on the Animation cinema adventure.
In addition to having been a source of support on a daily basis, the school allowed me to discover the mysteries of this exciting environment. Through the study projects and the links I was able to create, I learned to cultivate my sensitivity, to become rigorous and to surpass myself. Above all I appreciated the importance of teamwork as well as the complementary of each individual to bring a project to a successful conclusion.
There are so many professions in the world of 3D! I am convinced everyone can find a place in it, provided one invests oneself fully. At ENSI I discovered the work of light and colour.
Today I am happy to work in London and to practice my profession with passion.

leo brunel

Director, Illumination MacGuff - Paris / Los Angeles

These years have been incredible!
A human adventure that led me to the profession of my dreams.
I discovered myself, gained maturity, found my way in animation, expanded my general culture and above all I worked in a team and learnt to collaborate. These years are a real challenge and one constantly has to surpass oneself. The result is up to the task when putting effort into it and the possibilities are numerous. Alongside the pedagogical team, I learnt to structure myself, to channel my energy and to gain self-confidence.
Today I live off my passion. I am a Director at Illumination MacGuff.

charlotte chouisnard

Groomer Artist chez Icon Creative Studio - Vancouver

I spent extraordinary years at ENSI developing projects with passion!
I met fabulous people, friends for life. The pedagogical team was of great help. These years taught me a lot about the profession and about myself in general.
Today I work on fantastic international projects for Netflix, Disney, etc. at Icon Creative Studio in Vancouver.

oscar malet

Director, Passion Pictures - London

I started my studies in different French animation schools but I was convinced by École des Nouvelles Images.
Here we are far from the "student factory" schools where entire promotions are permanently competing among each other. The school is deeply human, almost like a family, where everyone helps each other - something essential given the requirement level of the school.
In addition to technical learning - necessary to master one's work tool - the most important thing is this pervasive desire within the school to put one's knowledge at the service of a good story, a good film.
The provided learning gave me solid foundations. It helps me daily in my work as Director at Passion Pictures.

nicolas diaz

Animator, Reel FX - Montreal

Animation cinema world is a real source of fulfilment. I’m happy to experience this story with friends and artists who encourage me to fly higher since my beginnings.
Before entering Ecole des Nouvelles Images I wasn’t sure which way to go. I didn't want to take a path that was too smooth and without surprises. I learnt to discover and structure myself. When I think about it, I would have made a serious mistake not to fully engage myself in my passion and job.
Today it allows me to travel, to meet wonderful people and to freely express my creativity.

camile jalabert

Director, Passion Pictures - London

During my studies, École des Nouvelles Images marked an important turning point in my life. I learnt a lot of things and not only about 3D!
First of all the pedagogical team is made up of extremely talented and greatly invested people. They are aware of how the studios work and have helped me integrate into professional life in the best possible way. And I assure you, having such proximity with the pedagogical team during the production of an animated film is essential. It also is a great human adventure. The bonds that we forge with other students remain for life!
Today I am very proud of my academic career within the school. I thrived in my work, I travelled all over the world, won awards at festivals, toured American studios, met the artists who inspired me for so many years, etc.
It's definitely one of the best choices I made in my life :)
This adventure ultimately led me to my profession: Director at Passion Pictures in London.

loris cavalier

Lighting Artist, Mikros Animation - Montreal

These studying years have been rewarding both professionally and personally.
The many projects carried out during schooling were fascinating and always extremely educational. At times it was exhausting but nothing is better than practice to learn!
I met some exceptional people there. We supported each other to make the most of the intensive and always benevolent curriculum.
Today I work as a Lighting Artist at Mikros Animation studio in Montreal. Each time I go back to France it is always a pleasure to visit the school and discover the news promotions’ work.


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