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The 2024 entrance exam is open


Training supported by
the Ministry of Culture and the CNC

Laureate of the national investment plan

"France 2030 - La grande fabrique de l'image"

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Opening in September 2024

On the strength of our expertise and reputation in 3D animated films and video games, we are very proud to be opening, at the start of the 2024 academic year, this new teaching programme dedicated to the art of 2D animated films.


Supported by the French government, Région Sud, Département de Vaucluse and the city of Avignon, this is a wonderful adventure that you can embark on in a framework of excellence and complete confidence.


For several years now, many animation studios have been asking us to develop this speciality. There's a lot of pressure on the job market, and studios are finding it really hard to recruit well-trained talent. Drawing on our expertise, which has enabled us to become the most internationally awarded school in just 6 years, we are working to develop this exciting new teaching programme.


We look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your professional career!

Your career in the 2D animation industry
starts here !

5 years of intense artistic and technical training to work in the greatest animation studios.

Entries for the 2024 entrance exam are now open


Introduction to the artistic and technic stakes of 2D

It's the start of an exciting career,

an alchemy of arts and techniques.

There are only so many ways to start a course in 2D animation. You have to draw, draw, draw and, of course, draw!


This first year provides the artistic and cultural training that students need to develop. It's a perfect match between theory and practice.


The practical objective is to structure the drawing, to obtain a solid base for what follows (anatomy, perspective, observational drawing, imaginative drawing, light and shade, etc.). Students also practise various workshops, such as modelling, painting and photography, which reinforce their understanding of volume, light and colour and develop the notion of 'point of view'.


Digital creation is also present, with introductory courses in 2D computer graphics, digital painting, graphic design, etc.

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From storyboarding to 2D animation

Observation, rhythm, structure, breakdown, storytelling...

Animation is above all an art of observation and rhythm. 12 principles underpin this art of time and space.

  1. Compression and stretching

  2. Anticipation

  3. Staging

  4. Straight ahead and pose to pose animation

  5. Follow through and overlapping action

  6. slow in and slow out

  7. Arched trajectory

  8. Secondary actions

  9. Timing

  10. Exaggeration

  11. Solid drawing

  12. Appeal

This reinforcement year also focuses on narrative structure, cutting and cinematography.

This reinforcement year also focuses on narrative structure, cutting and cinematography.

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Each student validates what they have learnt by making a 2D short animation film.

Technology at the service of an artistic project!

Intense and structuring, the 3rd year reveals personalities and confronts everyone with the realities of the professional world.


Validation of the 1st cycle implies the right balance between learning 2D techniques and studying the language inherent in the art of animation. Students fine-tune their techniques and, through practical experience, learn the tricks of the storytelling and directing trade.


During the summer, students are required to do a work placement in a company. Not only is this essential for building a professional network, it's also an opportunity to discover the workings of the corporate world and the issues involved.



Perfecting traditional animation techniques and an introduction to 3D animation

Movement is a universal language, a vehicle for emotions and intentions.


Training in 3D animation tools is also taught during this year to help students develop their versatility.

During this year, we structure our teaching in workshops. Different themes are tackled so that students can validate the fundamentals and see how they can be applied. The programme is taught by professional facilitators, who are keen to provide structuring work methods and complementary approaches.

  • Character animation

  • Rigging

  • Compositing

  • Storytelling (storyboard, layout)

  • Concept art, character design

  • Personal and collaborative projects



A year dedicated to the making of a short film

The school becomes an animation studio

Over a 10-month period, the students will produce what will be the best passport to the professional world: their diploma film.


This cinematic adventure is human, ambitious and rich in varied experience, plunging viewers into a world rich in emotion.

The technical execution must be irreproachable. It's the quest for the perfect match between the narrative challenge and the artistic design.


This is the last straight line before you enter the professional world.

A large jury gathering professionals meets to gauge the extent of the work carried out.

During this "Diploma Jury" grand-messe, we also organise professional meetings with studio recruiters. Students then have the chance to prepare their entry into working life in a privileged and friendly manner.


It also is a celebration moment for parents and families who discover the students’ creations in an optimal setting.

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Applications are made outside Parcoursup.

Applicants register via our website.

Access to the course is subject to an entrance examination.

Prerequisites :

  • All types of baccalauréat, arts preparatory courses.

  • A predisposition for drawing is required to enter this course.


Curiosity, passion, open-mindedness and creativity are the key words.


Academic year 2024-2025

Registration fee: €80

Cost of the course: €8,350 per year

Registration for the entrance exam

Entries for the 2024 entrance exam are now open

For more informations, please contact us :)

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