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The 2024 entrance exam is open

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The Academy® awarded with gold the animated short film BOOM, class of 2022

Training supported bythe Ministry of Culture and the CNC

Laureate of the national investment plan

"France 2030 - La grande fabrique de l'image"

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École des Nouvelles Images has become a worldwide reference in the animation sector."

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"Presented by The Academy® as the best school in the world."

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"A prestigious school that trains image professionals to a very high level."

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"96% of the students of the first class found a job within two months."


École des Nouvelles Images

Advanced training in 3D animation and video games

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First animation school in
France !


Member of the
French Animation Schools

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France 2030

La grande fabrique de l'image

250 Students

A deeply

human school

Avignon & Carpentras

Cities of rich and overwhelming cultural heritage

Pedagogical team

More than 100 professionals from the industry

+ than 1000 hours

of educational support per year

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Kristof Serrand
For several years, I have witnessed the pedagogical know-how of Julien Deparis and his team.

They have shown their capability in raising a school to the highest world rankings. The students who followed their teachings are now quality professionals and are actively sought by French and international animation studios.

I can't wait to meet Ecole des Nouvelles Images students.

Kristof Serrand

Animation Director, Netflix

Animation Director, Dreamworks SKG

Member of the Oscars Academy


An ambitious project led by an experienced team

Photo Julien Deparis

Its unique associative model ensures cooperative governance involving all parties. We are convinced that the best teaching is delivered in a framework of trust, ensuring that all of our energy is at the service of pedagogy and only of pedagogy.

Its Board of Directors brings together the founders, the students’ representatives, parents and employees.

Julien Deparis


Being a 3D creator implies the plural skills of designer, sculptor, choreographer, architect, lighting designer, mathematician...

Ecole des Nouvelles Images projects into the future of images. We base our transfer of knowledge of fundamental human values. Each student receives specific educational support, it being methodical, structured, adapted, personalized and leaving an important place for experimentation. Students learn to fully invest themselves in their own artistic development.

To do so, students must be supported and taken out of their "comfort zone" from time to time. This balanced combination is the very essence of teaching. École des Nouvelles Images intends to be a place of vocational and professional learning as well as being a place favoring personal development and maturation.

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A school supported by

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