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The animation studio CIRCUS settles in Avignon !

We are delighted that CIRCUS has set up shop in Avignon, a stone's throw from our school. It is a great opportunity for our students who wish to pursue their professional career in the South of France, and more particularly in the Vaucluse region. Thank you to the founders, Julien Villanueva & Jérôme Bacquet, as well as to Loïc Etienne, director of the Avignon studio, for your commitment to our school and its students.

After the studio "La Station Animation", which also opened its doors last year in the city center, this is another sign that our beautiful city is attractive for this professional field. We are proud to contribute to the economic development of our territory.

Great prospects are ahead of us, this is just the beginning!

"The visual effects and animation studio "Circus" already has a solid team in Paris. In recent years, it has worked on ambitious projects: the animated film Croc-Blanc, the Lego City Adventures series, the animated film Around the World in 80 Days, the Earthworm Jim series currently in development...

With the multiplication of films and series, the studio decided to expand a little more. Rather than expanding its teams in Paris, Circus has opted for the south-east of France and announced the opening of premises in Avignon."

Read the full article on the 3DVF website


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