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🌱 The ecological revolution in animation and video games


1st eco-responsible digital platform for the Cultural and Creative Industries

In Avignon, the 1st 100% renewable energy digital data center, powered by solar energy and green hydrogen, in the heart of the city.

The animated film, video game and digital post-production sectors generate a great deal of digital traffic, resulting in significant consumption of energy resources, due to the massive use of computers and calculation servers required for the creation, distribution and use of computer-generated images.

Faced with this reality, the consortium federated around the ICC H2Digital project, represented by H2Digital, Zent, the TNZPV animation studios, Circus, Station Animation & Ellipse Animation, the École des Nouvelles Images, Villa Créative-Avignon Université and CNAM Paca, wish to ensure decarbonization and promote digital sobriety within the Cultural and Creative Industries.

With the commissioning of a new type of "Datacenter" in Avignon, powered by solar energy and green hydrogen, in the heart of the city, the consortium aims to provide a strong response to accelerate the ecological transition of this sector, train the next generation in responsible digital tools and promote the sovereignty of digital data.

A project supported by DRAC, Région Sud, Département de Vaucluse, Grand Avignon and Ville d'Avignon.

An eco-responsible digital flow in the heart of the city

This innovative solution, which transfers the digital infrastructure of creative studios to a low-energy, 100% EnR datacenter, responds both to this explosion in digital needs and to the ecological and climatic challenges facing our societies, and enables studios to benefit from competitive advantages in a number of respects:

  • A significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for the manufacture and storage of digital images;

  • A significant reduction in air-conditioning requirements on their premises;

  • Reduced electricity consumption;

  • Reduced purchase of computer servers;

  • Digital data sovereignty;

  • Training in ecological transition tools to encourage the replication of virtuous models.

ICC H2Digital aims to:

  • Reduce by a factor of 2 the power consumption required to calculate 3D images;

  • Cut workstation power consumption by a factor of 10;

  • Drastically reduce air-conditioning requirements;

  • Reduce the total number of computer hardware devices by a factor of 4, thanks to the pooling of resources;

  • Use 100% "renewable energy" electricity to run the datacenter.

L'École des Nouvelles Images is proud to pursue its educational missions, its structuring role and, more generally, its development, by placing future generations of artists at the forefront of this transition towards a cleaner, more responsible digital world.


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