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The most beautiful place for École des Nouvelles Images

On July 12th, the foundation stone was laid for the renovation of a 19th century building located near the University of Avignon, which will become the Villa Créative. This new kind of third place, which will host the École des Nouvelles Images, will open its doors in the summer of 2024.

On these 8,200 square meters of heritage buildings and gardens, various actors of the culture and creative industries will be gathered alongside the school, such as the Festival d'Avignon, the C.N.A.M. (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers), the Frames Festival, or the Université d'Avignon, which will install its research laboratory and its training service called "Tout au long de la Vie".

Philippe Ellerkampf (President of the University), Julien Deparis & Anne-Lise Rosier (Villa Creative project manager)

Work has begun at Villa Creative

The project by Italian architect Alfonso Femia, who is responsible for the redevelopment of the Docks in Marseille, has been selected. The renovation is open to the city and facilitates encounters between the various players in the area, notably by making the best possible use of the passageways to create spaces for interaction.

3D view of the Villa Creative project

3D view of the Villa Creative project

The newspaper "Libération" devoted an article on the Villa Creative, you can read it here.

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